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Project AWeSome Webinar Series

Our Spring Webinar: 

Adolescents and Social Media

Studying Person-Specific Effects: From Design to Theoretical Implications

Will take place on:  Thursday, 22 April, 5.00 – 6.00 p.m. CET / 11.00 a.m. – 12.00 EST / 00:00 JST

via Zoom



Patti Valkenburg  –  Welcome & Introduction

Irene van Driel  –  From qualitative interviews to quantitative N=1 time series: The design of project AWeSome.

Ine Beyens  –  Social media, envy, inspiration, and enjoyment: An N=1 moderation analysis.

Loes Pouwels  –   Social media and friendship closeness: An N=1 investigation of the rich-get-richer and poor-get-richer hypotheses.

Discussant  –   Joe Walther:   Mark and Susan Bertelsen Presidential Chair in Technology and Society and Director of the Center for Information Technology & Society at UC Santa Barbara

The Spring webinar is a follow-up on our Winter webinar that took place on 18 February 2021.   

You can watch the full webinar here:  


With presentations of: 

Patti Valkenburg – Welcome & Introduction

Loes Keijsers – An introduction to person-specific (idiographic) research methods 

Ine Beyens – The effects of social media on self-esteem and well-being differ from adolescent to adolescent

Find the discussed publications: here   and here.

Loes Pouwels – Social media use and friendship closeness in adolescents’ daily lives

Discussed publication   here.

Respondent:  Candice Odgers, University of California Irvine/Duke University

Webinar coördinator: Irene van Driel


All the questions and answers from the webinar's Q&A can be found here 


Dit project wordt gefinancierd door de NWO-Spinoza premie, toegekend aan Patti Valkenburg

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