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Project AWeSome

Why is it that social media use makes some adolescents feel happy while leaving others feeling blue? Project AWeSome stands for   Adolescents, Well-being & Social Media. It aims to investigate questions about the relationship between adolescents’ social media use and their well-being.


Project AWeSome is an interdisciplinary collaboration between the Universities of Amsterdam and Erasmus University in Rotterdam that launched in Fall 2018. The project AWeSome team consists of UvA  researchers Patti Valkenburg, Ine Beyens, Loes Pouwels, Irene van Driel, Teun Siebers, and Tim Verbeij together with Loes Keijsers of Erasmus University.


Dit project wordt gefinancierd door de NWO-Spinoza premie, toegekend aan Patti Valkenburg

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