Debate on the use of mobile phones at schools

On 12 April Patti Valkenburg took part in a debate in the Dutch House of Representatives about the question if mobile phones should be forbidden at schools. Forbidding mobile phones at schools by law is not the way according to professor Valkenburg. However, many schools would be helped with clear guidelines. Guidelines are more flexible than laws, can be adapted more quickly, and offers scope for customization. Flexibility, adaptation, and customization are more important than laws in a world where what is new quickly becomes old.  Watch the full debate (in Dutch) here: 

January 18, 2024

Essay for UNICEF

Dutch adolescents spend about six hours per day on their mobile phones,  of which two and a half hours are spend on social media. What does this their mean for their mental health? 

In an essay written for UNICEF Patti Valkenburg, Amber van der…

June 28, 2023

Project AWeSome in New York Times

The  New York Times  wrote an article on how everyone says social media is bad for adolescents, but so far  there is little research proving that social media directly causes harmful outcomes. Project AWeSome's research on adolescents'social media use is…

June 06, 2023

Social media good for friendships, bad for self-concept

Members of Project AWeSome (Adolescents, Well-being, and Social media) interviewed 480 adolescents aged 14 to 17 about the pros and cons of social media, relying on a survey study and qualitative interviews. For most adolescents, the pros of social media…

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